Class 7

An item of beekeeping equipment which has been made, repaired or adapted by the exhibitor.  Up to three photos can be submitted of one entry, together with an explanation, if required.

Judge: Mike Ticehurst


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Entry Number   Judge's comments and award
Four way bee clearing board, based on the vortex design it clears 80 to 90% of bees from your supers in less than a couple of hours. The top side is 20 to 30mm deep the under side is a minimum of 50 mm deep to allow for the massive amount of bees leaving.

Steve Clark - Newton Abbot

A simple, practical clearing board and well made.
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Derek Evans - Tiverton

A simple concept for a vacuum box making use of ready-made boxes.
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Andrew Mack - Exeter

Prize awarded for concept and simplicity.

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