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Diary Dates

Members may attend meetings of any Branch, but it is advisable (and courteous) to contact the Branch Secretary first. Contact details can be found in the DBKA  Members’ Directory or on the Branch Secretaries page of this website. Please check dates and times of events with the host organisation.

Many Branches open their Apiaries to members during ‘the season’, some weekly, some fortnightly. Please contact the local secretary for details.

Sat 1112:00pmNewton AbbotApiary Open (Clay Lane Apiary)
Sat 112:00pmExeterExeter Members Apiary Session (Exeter Apiary)
Sun 1210:00amPlymouthBeginners Meeting (5) (Branch Apiary)
Sun 1210:00amTiverton Weather Dependent Branch Apiary Inspections (Knightshayes)
Sun 1210:00amDevon BeekeepersSetup for Devon County Show (Westpoint)
Wed 152:00pmDevon BeekeepersStage Entries for Devon County Show (Westpoint)
Thu 16 - Sat 18Devon County ShowStewards needed, contact harriet.brooks-007@hotmail.co.uk (Westpoint)
Sat 1810:00amEast DevonImprovers' Workshop, booking required (Hunthay Apiary)
Sat 182:00pmNewton AbbotApiary Open (Clay Lane Apiary)
Sun 19Devon BeekeepersTake Down from Devon County Show (Westpoint)
Sun 1910:00amPlymouthBeginners Meeting (6) (Branch Apiary)
Sun 1910:00amTiverton Weather Dependent Branch Apiary Inspections (Knightshayes)
Sun 192:30pmHolsworthyApiary Meeting (Dunsland Apiary)
Sat 2512:00pmNewton AbbotApiary Open (Clay Lane Apiary)
Sat 252:00pmExeterExeter Members Apiary Session (Exeter Apiary)
Sat 25 - Sun 26River Cottage Food Fair Branch Marquee Stewards contact mary.boulton@btinternet.com (Park Farm nr. Axminster)
Sun 2610:00amTiverton Weather Dependent Branch Apiary Inspections (Knightshayes)
Sat 112:00pmNewton AbbotBranch Open to Public; no apiary session
Sat 12:00pmExeterPublic Open Day (Exeter Apiary)
Sat 12:30pmEast DevonKit Clean-up, Repair and Sale, Wax Recovery (Hunthay Apiary)
Sat 17:30pmTorbayModule 1 (Sainsbury’s cafe, Paignton)
Sun 210:00amPlymouthImprovers Meeting (Branch Apiary)
Sun 22:30pmHolsworthyApiary Meeting (Dunsland Apiary)
Mon 37:30pmTorbaySpring Conference Debrief (St Pauls Church, Preston)
Tue 47:30pmTorbayModule 4 (Sainsbury’s cafe, Paignton)
Sat 810:00amNorth Devon Bees and Flowers (St John’s Garden Centre, Barnstaple)
Sat 812:00pmNewton AbbotApiary Open (Clay Lane Apiary)
Sat 81:00pmTorbayApiary Meeting and Summer BBQ (Cockington, Torquay)
Sat 82:00pmExeterApiary Session (Exeter Apiary)
Sun 910:00amPlymouthBeginners Meeting (7) (Branch Apiary)
Sun 910:00amTiverton Wimbleball Open Day Exhibition Stand
Sun 911:00amNorth Devon Bees and Flowers (St John’s Garden Centre, Barnstaple)
Sun 911:00amOakhamptonBee Safari (Bow Area)
Tue 117:30pmTorbayCommittee Meeting (Sainsbury’s, Paignton)
Sat 1512:00pmNewton AbbotApiary Open (Clay Lane Apiary)
Sat 152:00pmTorbayApiary Meeting (Cockington, Torquay)
Sun 162:30pmHolsworthyApiary Meeting (Dunsland Apiary)
Sat 22 - Sun 23Axevale Garden FestivalBranch Marquee Stewards contact rosewary.maggs@hotmail.com (Axminster Showground)
Sat 222:00pmTorbayApiary Meeting (Cockington, Torquay)
Sat 222:00pmExeterApiary Session (Exeter Apiary)
Sat 22 2:00pmNewton AbbotApiary Open and Branch BBQ (Clay Lane Apiary)
Sun 2310:00amPlymouthBeginners Meeting (8) (Branch Apiary)
Sat 2912:00pmNewton AbbotApiary Open (Clay Lane Apiary)
Sat 292:00pmTorbayApiary Meeting (Cockington, Torquay)
Sat 292:30pmEast DevonMigratory Beekeeping: Heather (Hunthay Apiary)
Sun 3010:00amPlymouthApiary Maintenance Morning (Branch Apiary)
Sun 302:00pmNorth Devon Taster Day (Horestone Apiary)
Sun 302:30pmHolsworthyApiary Meeting (Dunsland Apiary)
Sat 612:00pmNewton AbbotApiary Open (Clay Lane Apiary)
Sat 62:00pmExeterApiary Session (Exeter Apiary)
Sat 62:30pmEast Devon Eat, Drink and be Merry - Social (Hunthay Apiary)
Sat 62:30pmOakhamptonApiary meeting (Taw Mill, Wembworthy)
Sat 62:00pmTorbayApiary Meeting (Cockington, Torquay)
Sun 710:00amPlymouthImprovers Meeting (Branch Apiary)
Sun 711:00amNewton AbbotVisit by Devon Wildlife Trust – details to be arranged
Tue 9 - Sun 14TorbayBee Week (Paignton Zoo, Paignton)
Fri 129:30amTivertonBee Health Day (Uplowman Village Hall)
Sat 1312:00pmNewton AbbotApiary Open (Clay Lane Apiary)
Sat 132:00pmTorbayApiary Meeting (Cockington, Torquay)
Sat 132:30pmEast Devon Varroa Control / AH Update (Hunthay Apiary)
Sun 1410:00amPlymouthBeginners Meeting (9) (Branch Apiary)
Sun 1412:00pmDARGDrone Congregation Update and Demo (tba)
Sat 2012:00pmNewton AbbotApiary Open (Clay Lane Apiary)
Sat 202:00pmExeterApiary Session (Exeter Apiary)
Sat 202:00pmTorbayApiary Meeting (Cockington, Torquay)
Sat 20tbaNorth DevonBasc Assessment at Horstone Apiary
Sun 2110:00amPlymouthMaintenance Morning (Branch Apiary)
Sat 2712:00pmNewton AbbotApiary Open (Clay Lane Apiary)
Sat 272:00pmTorbayApiary Meeting (Cockington, Torquay)
Sun 2810:00amPlymouthBeginners Meeting (10) (Branch Apiary)
Thu 1Honiton ShowStewards contact Keith Bone (Honiton Showground)
Sat 312:00pmNewton AbbotApiary Open (Clay Lane Apiary)
Sat 32:00pmExeterApiary Session (Exeter Apiary)
Sat 32:00pmTorbayApiary Meeting (Cockington, Torquay)
Sun 410:00amPlymouthImprovers Meeting (Branch Apiary)
Wed 710:00amNorth DevonBranch display at North Devon Show
Thu 8OakhamptonHoney Show (Okehampton Agricultural Show)
Sat 1012:00pmNewton AbbotApiary Open (Clay Lane Apiary)
Sat 102:00pmTorbayApiary Meeting (Cockington, Torquay)
Sat 102:00pmExeterPublic Open Day (Exeter Apipary)
Sat 102:30pmEast DevonExtracting and Preparing Honey (Hunthay Apiary)
Sun 1110:00amPlymouthBeginners Meeting (11) (Branch Apiary)
Fri 16-1810:00amNorth DevonDisplay at RHS Rosemoor (Torrington)
Sat 1712:00pmNewton AbbotApiary Open (Clay Lane Apiary)
Sat 172:00pmExeterApiary Session (Exeter Apiary)
Sat 172:00pmTorbayApiary Meeting (Cockington, Torquay)
Sun 1810:00amPlymouthMaintenance Morning (Branch Apiary)
Sat 2412:00pmNewton AbbotApiary Open (Clay Lane Apiary)
Sat 242:00pmTorbayApiary Meeting (Cockington, Torquay)
Sat 24tbaOakhamptonVisit to Quantock Division Apiary
Sat 3112:00pmNewton AbbotApiary Open (Clay Lane Apiary)
Sat 312:00pmTorbayApiary Meeting (Cockington, Torquay)
Sat 312:00pmExeterApiary Session (Exeter Apiary)
Sat 72:30pmEast DevonPreparing for Winter (Hunthay Apiary)
Sat 212:30pmEast DevonCleaning and Storing Equipment (Hunthay Apiary)
MarchNewton AbbotSouth Devon Honey Show (Dartmoor Whiskey Distillery)

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