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Guidance for Branches

Guidance for Branches

Sighting of Asian Hornet in Branch Area

Branches are encouraged to support members in the following way:

  • Appoint a Coordinator to act as Point of Contact for Asian Hornet sightings – could be Swarm or Disease Coordinator
  • Encourage Swarm Collectors to become Branch Experts on Asian Hornet & to take a lead in responding to sightings
  • Create a list of members willing to assist in surveillance following a sighting – members do not need to be experienced beekeepers (but having reasonable eyesight would be useful.)
  • Encourage members to liaise with their neighbour beekeepers (including non-members) and be ready to respond to a local sighting
  • Maintain a record of details of sightings including location & person
  • Liaise with other Branches through their Coordinator to provide ‘neighbourly’ support
  • Support County-wide training through DBKA
  • Assist in provision of equipment such as:  shrimp nets, traps, camera, binoculars, sample jars/pots with lids, compass, mobile phones with GPS, large scale maps, note-books & pens
  • Ensure your Branch website is up to date (link to DBKA website if appropriate)

Guidance for Beekeepers

How to obtain a sample

Link to Asian Hornet Week




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