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In 2019 The Cornwall Beekeepers’ Association celebrates 100 years of the re-forming of the Association after the Great War. 

Centenary Celebrations May 18th 2019

St Erme Community Centre TR4 9BD

To celebrate, the Conwall Beekeepers’ Association have invited an international authority on the biology of honeybees, Professor Robert Pickard  who is also President of both the Cardiff Beekeepers’ Association and the UK Central Association of Beekeepers.  His academic research culminated in dissecting the bee brain and he has some fascinating insights into how bees think and therefore react. 

They are so excited to have been able to get Professor Pickard to come and speak to them and they would like to invite fellow beekeepers from Devon to come along and hear him and help them celebrate this most significant time in CBKA history.
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Tiverton Bee Health Day


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Queen Marking colours – The year 2018 will be RED
The international agreed colour code for years ending with the following numbers is as follows:-
1 or 6 = White: 2 or 7 = Yellow: 3 or 8 =Red:: 4 or 9 = Green:: 0 or 5 = Blue.

This can be remembered by the phrase Why You Rear Good Bees


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