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Registered Charity No 270675

             General Secretary – Barry Neal, Badgers Barn, Withacott, Langtree, Torrington EX38 8NL

        01805-601715; 07789-435477; gen.sec.dbka@gmail.com

       Annual General Meeting 2019

The Devon Beekeepers’ Association (DBKA) Annual General Meeting will be held at

Stanbury Hall, Petroc College, Old Sticklepath Hill,

Barnstaple EX31 2BQ at

10.15 am on Saturday 14th December 2019 

Proposals for agenda items and nominations for election to DBKA County Officer posts  must be forwarded to the DBKA General Secretary no later than Thursday 13th November 2019.

The agenda will be published her after that date.

South Devon Convention

Sunday 3rd November 2019


For information on Bees and swarms

Before calling anyone, please CLICK HERE 
to save you time and give you peace of mind



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Queen Marking colours – The year 2018 will be RED
The international agreed colour code for years ending with the following numbers is as follows:-
1 or 6 = White: 2 or 7 = Yellow: 3 or 8 =Red:: 4 or 9 = Green:: 0 or 5 = Blue.

This can be remembered by the phrase Why You Rear Good Bees


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