Year Planner

DBKA Executive Council Yearly Planner 2018
JanuaryBBKA ADM (2018 - 13th ) JulyBBKA Basic Certificate of Bee Husbandry
Devon County Show Committee Meeting (20th )DBKA draft budget presented to Trustees
DBKA Executive Council (EC) meeting (27th )BBKA Basic Assessment - entry deadline (31st )
DBKA Membership year begins
FebruaryApplications for March BBKA Modular Exams Deadline (10th )AugustPreparation of Branch inventories for submission in September
Final Branch update on membership to DBKA BBKA ADM notice of meeting published
SWBF Meeting (1) TBABDI return (Autumn)
Devon County Show ‘Honey Show’ schedule publishedDevon County Show Committee meeting (TBA)
Holsworthy Spring Convention (24th )BBKA Microscopy - entry deadline - (31st )
BBKA Bee Breeding Certificate - entry deadline - (28th )SWBF Meeting (2) ( TBA)
General & Advanced Certificates in Beekeeping Husbandry - entry deadline - (28th )
MarchDBKA Devon Beekeepers’ Day & AGM - (3rd ) SeptemberDBKA EC meeting - (1st )
BBKA modular exams (24th )DBKA Propositions & Nominations for BBKA ADM
Devon County Show Committee meeting (24th )DBKA final budget presented to Trustees for adoption
BBKA Bee Health Certificate - entry deadline (31st )Autumn levy: BBKA capitation and DBKA levy (2nd instalment), BBKA research fund contributions, Payment for ‘Beekeeping’ magazine (2nd instalment) BKQ (2nd instalment)
End of DBKA & Branch financial year (30th )
BBKA Modules - November Sitting - entry deadline - (30th )
AprilBBKA Spring Convention (13th , 14th , & 15th ) OctoberBBKA ADM Propositions & Nominations due to be submitted
DBKA EC Meeting (7th )National Honey Show (25th , 26th & 27th )
BIBBA AGM (TBA)Nominations for BBKA Long Service awards (50, 60 & 70 years)
Branch BDI return (Spring) South Devon Beekeepers Convention (28th TBC)
Branch Nosema Diagnosis Days Inspected accounts to DBKA Treasurer by 31st
Spring Levy: BBKA capitation and DBKA levy (1st instalment), Payment for ‘Beekeeping’ magazine (1st instalment), payment for BKQ (1st instalment)
Gift Aid - Branch return to DBKA
MayDevon County Show ( 17th ,18th & 19th ) NovemberBBKA modular exams (10th )
Bee Craft AGM (TBA) SWBF Meeting (3) ( TBA)
Gift Aid - Submission to HMRCBranch AGMs
Branch accounts, inventories & Branch Officers’ update to DBKA Gen Sec
BBKA ADM - Nomination of DBKA Delegate
BBKA ADM Papers circulated
Devon County Show Committee meeting (TBA)
JuneRoyal Cornwall Show (7th , 8th & 9th )DecemberDBKA EC Meeting followed by Christmas Lunch (1st )
DBKA EC Meeting (30th )DBKA Membership year ends (31st )