Branch Diaries

Devon Beekeepers events diary.

Members may attend meetings of any Branch, but it is advisable (and courteous) to contact the Branch Secretary first. Contact details can be found in the DBKA YearBook or on the Branch Secretaries page of this website. Please check dates and times of events with the host organisation.

Many Branches open their Apiaries to members during ‘the season’, some weekly, some fortnightly. Please contact your local secretaries for details.
Contact numbers are:

Branch Contacts

East Devon01404 841629Exeter01392 432048Holsworthy01409 221991
N Abbot01626 834577N Devon01237 420713Okehampton01363 82361
Plymouth01752 338279Tavistock01822 853346 Tiverton01884 841257
Torbay 01803 325750Totnes & Kingsbridge01752 894094

Thu 18-Sat 20ALL DAYDBKADevon Beekeepers Honey Show, (Bees & Honey Marquee, Westpoint Exeter)
Sat 202.30pmEast DevonInspecting for Disease with David Packham (Hunthay Apiary)
Thur 18 - Sat 20All DayDBKADevon Beekeepers Honey Show, (Bees & Honey Marquee, Westpoint, Exeter)
Sat 202.30pmEast DevonInspecting for Diseases with David Packham (Hunthay Apiary)
Sat 202.00pmExeterApiary Meeting (Branch Apiary)
Sat 202.00pmTorbayInspection (Cockington Apiary)
Sun 2110.00amPlymouthGeneral Meeting (Branch Apiary)
Sun 2110.00amTivertonApiary Inspection (Knightshayes)
Tue 2311.00amNorth DevonBranch beekeeping (Horestone Apiary)
Sat 27-Mon 2910.00am - 6.00pmEast DevonRiver Cottage Food Fair, Branch Marquee (Park Farm EX13 8TB)
Sat 272.00pm-5.00pmNewton AbbotOpen Day for the Public with a Taster Beekeeping Experience (Clay Lane)
Sat 272.30pmOkehamptonQueen Rearing (Ray King's apiary, Neopardy near Yeoford)
Sat 272.00pmTorbayInspection (Cockington Apiary)
Sun 2810.00amTivertonApiary Inspection (Knightshayes)
Tue 3011.00amNorth DevonBranch beekeeping (Horestone Apiary)
Sat 32.00pmExeterApiary Meeting: contact
Sat 39.30am-5.30pmNorth DevonFlowers and Honey bees (St John’s Garden Centre, Barnstaple)
Sat 32.00pmTorbayInspection (Cockington Apiary)
Sun 4Newton AbbotBeginners’ Safari (limited numbers) Contact Simon 07817047157 for information
Sun 410.30am-4.30pmNorth DevonFlowers and Honey bees (St John’s Garden Centre, Barnstaple)
Sun 410.00amPlymouthImprovers meeting (Branch Apiary)
Sun 42.00pmTavistockApiary visit - Jacqui Perkins. Oakwood, Haye Down PL19 0NN. Ring 01822 860220 to confirm attendance. Bring a plate to share.
Sun 410.00amTivertonApiary Inspection (Knightshayes)
Sat 102.30pmEast DevonSimple Queen rearing with David Shale and Gerry Humphries (Hunthay Apiary)
Sat 102.00pmExeterTaster Day: details
Sat 102.00pmNewton AbbotMaking a Nucleus and its uses with Adam Vevers (Clay Lane)
Sat 102.00pmTorbayInspection (Cockington Apiary)
Sun 1112.00 for 13.30pmDARGHunting For Drone Congregation Area Bring your own lunch (East Devon Apiary)
Sun 112.30pmHolsworthyApiary inspections and teaching (Dunsland Apiary)
Sun 1110.00amPlymouthNovice Meeting (Branch Apiary)
Sun 1110.00amTivertonApiary Inspection (Knightshayes)
Sat 17
Sun 18East DevonAxe Vale Show - branch marquee (Axminster Showground)
Sat 172.00pmExeterApiary Meeting
Sat 172.30pmOkehamptonApiary meeting (Simon O'Sullivan's apiary at Granny's Meadow near Colebrook)
Sat 172.00pmTorbayInspection (Cockington Apiary)
Sun 1810.00amPlymouthGeneral Meeting (Branch Apiary)
Sun 1810.00amTivertonApiary Inspection (Knightshayes)
Sat 242.30pmEast DevonQueen Rearing with John Badley (Hunthay Apiary)
Sat 242.00pmTorbayInspection (Cockington Apiary)
Sun 25Newton AbbotIntermediate Safari (limited numbers) Contact Simon 07817047157 for information
Sun 252.00pmNorth DevonTaster Day at Horestone Apiary .
Sun 252.30pmHolsworthyApiary inspections and teaching (Dunsland Apiary)
Sun 2510.00amPlymouthNovice Meeting (Branch Apiary)
Sun 2510.00amTivertonApiary Inspection (Knightshayes)
Thu 29
Fri 302 daysExeterBIBBA Bee Improvement (Exeter Apiary)
Sat 19.00amOkehamptonBee Health Day See back cover for details
Sat 12.30pmEast DevonRemoving/melting old comb, cleaning equipment with David Pratley (Hunthay Apiary)
Sat 12.00pmExeterApiary Meeting
Sat 12.00pmTavistock3-Apiary safari. Meet at Greg Smith's 40 St David's Road PL19 9BT. Ring 01822 616098 to confirm attendance. Bring a plate to share.
Sun 210.00amPlymouthImprovers meeting (Branch Apiary)
Sun 210.00amTivertonApiary Inspection (Knightshayes)
Sat 84.30pmEast DevonBranch Summer Social (Hunthay Apiary)
Sat 82.30pmNewton AbbotUsing a WBC with Lilah Killock (Clay Lane)
Sun 92.00pmHolsworthyPhotography Training and Sausage Sizzle Social. (Dunsland Apiary) See page 110 for details
Sun 910.00amPlymouthGeneral meeting (Novice Meeting)
Sun 910.00amTivertonApiary Inspection (Knightshayes)
Sat 152.30pmEast DevonBeginners course Varroa Control with John Badley (Hunthay Apiary)
Sat 152.00pmExeterApiary Meeting
Sun 1610.00amPlymouthGeneral Meeting (Branch Apiary)
Sun 1610.00amTivertonApiary Inspection (Knightshayes)
Sun 2310.00amPlymouthGeneral Meeting (Branch Apiary)
Sun 231.00pmTavistockEducational stand and observation hive at Gulworthy Dog and Duck Show (Woodovis Caravan Park, Gulworthy)
Sun 2310.00amTivertonApiary Inspection (Knightshayes)
Sat 292.00pmExeterApiary Meeting
Sat 292.30pmOkehamptonApiary meeting (Paul and Fi Reddaway’s apiary in South Zeal)
Sat 2912.00 noonTavistockApiary visit to Colin Trier. Ashgrove Farm Crowndale Road, PL19 8FF. Phone 01822 613635 to confirm attendance. Bring a plate to share
Sun 3010.00amPlymouthNovice Meeting (Branch Apiary)
Sun 3010.00amTivertonApiary Inspection (Knightshayes)
Thu 3Honiton Show