Branch Diaries

Devon Beekeepers events diary.

Members may attend meetings of any Branch, but it is advisable (and courteous) to contact the Branch Secretary first. Contact details can be found in the DBKA YearBook or on the Branch Secretaries page of this website. Please check dates and times of events with the host organisation.

Many Branches open their Apiaries to members during ‘the season’, some weekly, some fortnightly. Please contact the local secretary for details.

Wed 29.30 - 5.00pmNorth DevonBranch Display and Bees (North Devon Show, Umberleigh)
Thu 3East DevonHoniton Show
Sun 62.30pmHolsworthyApiary Meeting (Dunsland Apiary)
Sun 610.00amPlymouthImprovers' meeting (Branch Apiary)
Sun 610.00amTivertonInspection (Knightshayes Apiary)
Thu 10OkehamptonAnnual Honey Show at the Okehampton Agticultural Show
Sat 122.30pmEast DevonBeginners course: Extracting and Preparing Honey (Hunthay Apiary)
Sat 122.00pmNewton AbbotIntermediate/Beginners: ‘Demaree System’ with Bill Finnemore (Clay Lane Apiary)
Sun 1310.00amPlymouthNovice Meeting (Branch Apiary)
Sun 1310.00amTivertonInspection (Knightshayes)
Sat 1910.30amTavistockBranch Honey Extraction Day (Lewdown Village Hall) Bring a plate to share for lunch
Sun 202.30pmHolsworthyApiary Meeting (Dunsland Apiary)
Sun 2010.00amPlymouthGeneral Meeting (Branch Apiary)
Sun 2010.00amTivertonInspection (Knightshayes Apiary)
Sat 22.30pmEast DevonBeginners course: Assessing Stores, Feeding and Preparing for Winter (Hunthay Apiary)
Sun 310.00amNorth DevonTaster Day (Horestone Apiary)
Sun 3PlymouthVisit to Blackbury Farm (TBC)
Sat 9-1010.00 - 5.00pmNorth DevonBranch Honey Show (St Johns Garden Centre, Barnstaple)
Sat 9CornwallBit of a Do (See following page)
Sun 1010.00amPlymouthNovice Meeting (Branch Apiary)
Sun 172.00pmTivertonAnnual BBQ and First Winter Meeting (Jon Gubb's Apiary)
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Sat 232.30pmEast DevonCleaning and Storing Equipment (Hunthay Apiary)
Sat 232.00pmNewton AbbotBranch President's Day and Apiary Closure, Speaker TBA (Clay Lane)