Diary Dates

Members may attend meetings of any Branch, but it is advisable (and courteous) to contact the Branch Secretary first. Contact details can be found in the DBKA  Members’ Directory or on the Branch Secretaries page of this website. Please check dates and times of events with the host organisation.

Many Branches open their Apiaries to members during ‘the season’, some weekly, some fortnightly. Please contact the local secretary for details.

Wed 117.00pmHolsworthyBeginners Course (The Stables, Chilsworthy)
Sat 142.30pmEast DevonComb Changing Simon Foster (Hunthay Apiary)
Sat 142.00pmExeterMembers session (Exeter Apiary)
Sat 1410.30am - 3.30pmHolsworthyMicroscopy Training (The Stables, Chilsworthy) Branch Members free training. Please email Linda on oakmeadhouse@gmail.com. There may be extra places for other members.
Sat 142.00pmNewton AbbotOpening of Branch Apiary Demonstrator TBA (Clay Lane)
Sun 1510.00amPlymouthImprovers Meeting David Milford (Branch Apiary)
Tue 197.30pmTorbayBranch Nosema Evening (St Paul's Church Hall, Preston)
Wed 187.00pmHolsworthyBeginners Course (The Stables, Chilsworthy)
Wed 186.30pmTivertonNosema Testing and Bees Under the Microscope. (Uplowman Village Hall)
Sat 212.30pmEast DevonBeginners: Handling Bees with Apiary Team (Hunthay Apiary)
Sat 212.00pmExeterBeginners Practicals tbc (Exeter Apiary)
Sat 212.00pmTorbayBranch Apiary Meeting (Cockington Apiary)
Sun 2210.00amPlymouthBeginners Meeting (4) - Valerie & Terry McAuliffe (Branch Apiary)
Sun 222.00pmTotnes & KingsbridgeApiary Opening (Dartington Apiary)
Wed 257.00pmHolsworthyBeginners Course (The Stables, Chilsworthy)
Sat 282.30pmEast DevonSwarm Prevention and Control Richard Simpson (Hunthay Apiary)
Sat 289.30am- 3.30pmExeterNosema Day (Magdalen Court School, Victoria Park Road, Exeter EX2 4NU)
Sat 282.00pmExeterMembers session (Exeter Apiary)
Sun 2910.00amNorth DevonFinal Beginners Course (Horestone Apiary)
Sun 2910.00amPlymouthApiary Maintenance Morning (Branch Apiary)
Tue 111.00 - 3.00pmNorth DevonOn-going weekly beekeeping meetings (Horestone Apiary).
Wed 27.00pmHolsworthyBeginners Course (The Stables, Chilsworthy)
Sat 52.00pmTorbayBranch apiary meeting.(Cockington apiary)
Sat 52.00pmNewton AbbotApiary meeting (Clay Lane)
Sun 612.00 - 4.00pmNorth DevonHygienic Testing of Bees (Horestone Apiary)
Sun 610.00amPlymouthImprovers Meeting David Milford (Branch Apiary)
Sun 610.00amTivertonApiary Inspection (Knightshayes Apiary)
Thu 107.30pmTotnes & KingsbridgeTalk by Martin Hann: Viruses (St Luke's Church, Buckfastleigh)
Sat 122.30pmEast DevonInspecting for Diseases - David Packham (Hunthay Apiary)
Sat 122.00pmExeterMembers session (Exeter Apiary)
Sat 122.00pmNewton AbbotApiary meeting (Clay Lane)
Sar 122.30pmOkehamptonApiary meeting at Juniane and Charles Montgomery's apiary near Spreyton
Sat 122.00pmTorbayBranch apiary meeting. (Cockington apiary)
Sun 132.30omHolsworthyApiary inspections - (Dunsland)
Sun 1310.00amPlymouthBeginners Meeting (5) - Valerie & Terry McAuliffe (Branch Apiary)
Sun1310.00amTivertonApiary Inspection (Knightshayes Apiary)
Wed 166.30pmTivertonAl Fresco Meeting (Knightshayes Apiary)
Thur 17 - 19Three DaysDBKADevon County Show (Westpoint, Exeter)
Sat 192.00pmNewton AbbotApiary meeting (Clay Lane)
Sat 192.00pmTorbayBranch apiary meeting. (Cockington apiary)
Sun 2010.00amPlymouthBeginners Meeting (6) – Jean French (Branch Apiary)
Sun 2010.00 amTivertonApiary Inspection (Knightshayes Apiary)
Tue 227.30pmTorbayStudy group for Basic Examination (Sainsbury's restaurant Paignton)
Sat 2610.00 onwardsNewton AbbotBranch open day (Clay Lane)
Sat 262.00pmExeterMembers session (Exeter apiary)
Sat 262.00pmTorbayBranch apiary meeting. (Cockington apiary)
Sun 272.30pmHolsworthyApiary inspection - (Dunsland)
Sun 2710.00amTivertonApiary Inspection. (Knightshayes Apiary)
Sat 22.30pmEast DevonSimple Queen Rearing, Colin Sherwood & David Shale. (Hunthay Apiary)
Sat 22.00pmExeterMembers session (Exeter apiary)
Sat 22.00pmNewton AbbotApiary meeting (Clay Lane)
Sat 210.00am-5.00pmNorth DevonBees and Flowers- St John’s Garden Centre, Barnstaple.
Sat 22.00pmTorbayBranch apiary meeting. (Cockington apiary)
Sun 311.00am - 4.00pmNorth DevonBees and Flowers - St John’s Garden Centre.
Sun 310.00amPlymouthImprovers Meeting – David Milford (Branch Apiary)
Sun 310.00amTivertonApiary Inspection. (Knightshayes Apiary)
Sat 92.00pmExeterMembers session (Exeter apiary)
Sat 92.00pmNewton AbbotApiary meeting (Clay Lane)
Sun 102.00pmHolsworthyWalk with Botanist Hilary Marshall. Identify wildflowers also Hive Inspections and BBQ. (Dunsland Apiary).
Sun 1010.00amPlymouthBeginners Meeting (7) – Martin Hann (Branch apiary)
Sun 1010.00amTivertonApiary Inspection. (Knightshayes Apiary)
Sat 162.30pmEast DevonMaking up Nucs. John Badley. (Hunthay Apiary)
Sat 162.00pmNewton AbbotApiary meeting (Clay Lane)
Sun 17All dayOkehamptonBee Safari visiting apiaries around South Zeal led by Martin Hann
Sun 1710.00amPlymouthGeneral Meeting – Jean French (Branch Apiary)
Sun 1710.00amTiverton Apiary Inspection. (Knightshayes Apiary)
Wed 206.30pmTivertonAl Fresco Meeting (Knightshayes Apiary)
Sat 232.00pmExeterMembers session (Exeter apiary)
Sat 232.00pmNewton AbbotApiary meeting (Clay Lane)
Sun 242.30pmHolsworthyApiary inspectionb - (Dunsland)
Sun 2410.00amPlymouthBeginners Meeting (8) - Valerie & Terry McAuliffe (Branch Apiary)
Sat 302.00pmNewton AbbotApiary meeting (Clay Lane)
Sat 302.30pmEast DevonAssessing, Cleaning/Restoring used equipment. David Pratley. (Hunthay Apiary)