Asian Hornet

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If you think you may have seen an Asian Hornet then you can contact our team by clicking here and giving us some details on the form.

You can also report direct to the government authorities with responsibility for bee welfare in the UK.
How to do it can be found at:

An ASIAN HORNET APP can be found at:

More information can also be found at:

ASIAN HORNET aka Vespa Velutina

If you have some time to spare and would like to join any of the teams we are putting together to help with identifying and tracking outbreaks of Vespa Velutina in our area then you can indicate your desire to do so by clicking here to pass your name and contact information to our team leaders

You don’t have to be a member of a Beekeeping Association to join us in this effort to keep Asian Hornets from establishing themselves in this country, just an enthusiasm for the task and the time to devote until a possible invasion is dealt with. Hopefully we will never have to put the Asian Hornet Action teams to work but we need to have the manpower available in the event of a colony of these insects trying to develop anywhere in our area.
The photos below should help you decide if what you have seen is an Asian hornet and merits reporting
ASIAN HORNET, Vespa velutinaEUROPEAN HORNET, Vespa crabro

Space between lines above is 5mm. Vespa velutina is about 38mm in length whereas Vespa crabro is 44mm from head to tail By comparison a common wasp queen is about 20mm in length and a worker is 12mm to 17mm
On about the same scale these are the two we are all familiar with:
Other beneficial hornet mimics.

Hornet Mimic Hoverfly - V.c mimic hoverfly - Hornet Robberfly