Asian Hornet Week

10th – 16th September

Suggested things to do for Asian Hornet Week and this Autumn

Study the NNSS Asian Hornet identification sheet and pin a copy in a bee hive lid.

Study all three of the DBKA Asian Hornet Guidance Notes (see link below) and pin skirts round hive bases and gather the necessary equipment mentioned.

Spend enough time, on several occasions, at your apiaries during fine weather, to know whether or not your bees are being attacked by Asian Hornets. In addition, set up Asian Hornet monitoring dishes at nearby sites that can be watched more easily than your apiary.

As a follow up to the BBKA’s contact with national entomological organisations, beekeepers could contact the local branches of these organisations, along with the Ramblers, National Trust, Dartmoor and Exmoor National Parks, Devon Coast Path etc. to encourage more people to learn how to identify Asian Hornets and be on the look out for them this autumn. Orchard Link now have details of Asian Hornet week in their latest newsletter.

Focus on all the different creatures that enjoy Ivy blossom and look out for Asian Hornets that might be around to get a meal too.


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