How to Catch a Hornet

Much of the information exists, either on Or on

Go direct to for the specific ID Sheet 1 and also ID Poster option at

Simple actions are required by the beekeeper:

  • Action 1
    • First Catch your specimen
      • Trapping Hornets
        Asian Hornets can be trapped in jars and removed for identification. I am told on good authority that Lipton’s Iced Tea in its original bottle and about 1/3 full of tea makes n excellent trap in France ( Ref Bridget Beattie, NDB)  NB Our native hornet is at great risk from traps used to catch Asian Hornet. Release these European hornets and place them in the sunshine to dry out and depart, they are very docile. ( see attached image of European hornet on Daniel’s fingers).
      • Hawking
        The Asian hornet ‘hawks’ in front of the hive facing outwards to capture returning honeybee foragers. Knock it down with a badminton or squash racket and collect it (easier to indentify if stationary).
  • Action 2
    • Photograph it and compare with the ID Sheet 1 imagery. Report positive sightings with photographs to the National Bee Unit (NBU) and to the DBKA Gen Sec, Barry Neal.
  • Action 3
    • Attempt to locate the Asian Hornet nest. The hornet will fly directly to the nest on successful capture of a honeybee. Note the direction of flight and try to ascertain the nest location.