Registered Charity No 270675

Devon Beekeepers’ Day 2018

The first (DBKA) Devon Beekeepers’ Day (Previously President’s Day) will be held in

the Bridge Suite, the ISCA Centre, Summer Lane, Whipton, Exeter EX4 8NT
from 9.30 am on Saturday 3rd March 2018

A day to celebrate all the achievements of Devon Beekeepers during 2017.

 Static displays by the Branches will show the variety of
contributions made across the county.


  9.30 Refreshments available from the Wakely Lounge
10.00Welcome & Introduction - Christopher Smith DBKA President
10.15 DBKA Annual General Meeting - Chaired by Tony Lindsell
11.15/30 Living with the Asian Hornet - presentation by
John De Carteret  Vice-President Jersey Beekeepers' Association.
Martyn Hocking will also be present.
12.30 Lunch available from Wakely Lounge - if you require lunch please order on arrival.
13.30  Presentaion of awards including Education Certificates,
Frank Alston Memorial Skep & Downing Memorial Bowl
14.30 Dr. Cathy Horsley of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust
15.00 Question & Answer Session on any issues members would like to raise
15.30 Closure by Christopher Smith

Please note this programme may be subject to change.


Printable versions of the various AGM documents are available on the
2018 AGM papers page.

Registered Charity No 270675
General Secretary – Barry Neal,
Badgers Barn, Withacott, Langtree, Torrington EX38 8NL
01805-601715; 07789-435477; gen.sec.dbka@gmail.com

Annual General Meeting to be held at the Bridge Suite, the ISCA Centre,
Summer Lane, Whipton, Exeter EX4 8NT on Saturday 3rd March 2018 at 10.15 am


  1. Opening by the Chairman
  2. Apologies for absence; an attendance sheet will be provided
  3. Approval of the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of 11th March 2017; there were no matters arising
  4. General Secretary’s Report on behalf of the Executive Council
  5. Statement of Accounts from the Treasurer & Presentation of FY17/18 Budget
  6. Election of DBKA Officers
    OfficeHolder 2017/2018Proposed Holder for 2018/2019Proposer Seconder
    President Christopher Smith Christopher Smith Graham Jones Vic Willmington
    Chairman Tony Lindsell Tony Lindsell Barry Neal Keith Bone
    Vice Chairman Viv Thorn Viv Thorn Ken Basterfield Alan Binge
    General SecretaryBarry Neal BarryNeal Grant Elliott Malcolm Jenkins
    Treasurer Alan Binge Alan Binge Mave Dowling David Painter
    Gift Aid Treasurer Keith Bone Keith Bone Tony Lindsell Gerry Stuart
    Editor Beekeeping Lilah Killock Lilah Killock Mike Ticehurst Graham Jones
    Education Officer Ken Basterfield Ken Basterfield Alan Binge Colin Sherwood
    Show Chairman & SecretaryRuth Neal vacant n/a n/a
    Webmaster Mike TicehurstMike Ticehurst Lilah Killock Simon O’Sullivan

All nominees have indicated their willingness to stand


Questions may be asked or matters raised in connection with any reports presented to the meeting

As part of the Devon Beekeepers’ Day, there will be a Question & Answer Session at 3.00 pm with  DBKA Officers on any issues members would like to raise

Barry Neal

General Secretary

30th January 2018


Confirmed sighting of the Asian Hornet in Woolacombe, North Devon on 27th September 2017 plus unconfirmed but highly probable sighting in Plymouth around the same time.

Click here for more information 


 If you are concerned about a swarm of  honeybees contact your local Swarm liaison officer

Queen Marking colours – The year 2017 will be YELLOW
The international agreed colour code for years ending with the following numbers is as follows:-
1 or 6 = White: 2 or 7 = Yellow: 3 or 8 =Red:: 4 or 9 = Green:: 0 or 5 = Blue.

This can be remembered by the phrase Why You Rear Good Bees