Registered Charity No 270675
General Secretary – Barry Neal, Badgers Barn, Withacott, Langtree, Torrington EX38 8NL
01805-601715; 07789-435477; gen.sec.dbka@gmail.com

Annual General Meeting 2018

The Devon Beekeepers’ Association (DBKA) Annual General Meeting

will be held at

Meldon Village Hall, Meldon, Okehampton EX20 4LU at

9.30 am on Saturday 7th April 2018

Proposals for agenda items and nominations for election to DBKA County Officer posts cannot now be accepted for this meeting

The agenda  and related documents are available  for downloading and printing


  1. Opening by the Chairman
  2.  Apologies for absence; an attendance sheet will be provided
  3.  Approval of the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of 11th March 2017; there were no matters arising
  4. General Secretary’s Report on behalf of the Executive Council
  5. Statement of Accounts from the Treasurer & Presentation of FY17/18 Budget
  6. Election of DBKA Officers

All nominees have indicated their willingness to stand

Questions may be asked or matters raised in connection with any reports presented to the meeting

 Barry Neal
General Secretary
5th March 2018

The agenda and related documents are available  for downloading and printing


Confirmed sighting of the Asian Hornet in Woolacombe, North Devon on 27th September 2017 plus unconfirmed but highly probable sighting in Plymouth around the same time.

Click here for more information 


 If you are concerned about a swarm of  honeybees contact your local Swarm liaison officer

Queen Marking colours – The year 2017 will be YELLOW
The international agreed colour code for years ending with the following numbers is as follows:-
1 or 6 = White: 2 or 7 = Yellow: 3 or 8 =Red:: 4 or 9 = Green:: 0 or 5 = Blue.

This can be remembered by the phrase Why You Rear Good Bees